The Inspiration

We live in a freelance economy. Gone are traditional 9 to 5 jobs, replaced by a steady stream of workers who either rotate among local coffee shops, work out of their homes in isolation, or make conference calls behind the dashboards of their cars.

The needs of working women are distinct from our male counterparts. We can do better.

As friends, mothers, and working women, The SHED started taking shape while Sarah Cohen, Amanda Fairbanks, and Liza Tremblay lived on opposite coasts. After reading an article that Amanda wrote for The San Francisco Chronicle about a women-only co-working space in Northern California that transformed her worklife, an idea started taking shape.

The East End needed a similar outpost. We dared to create the place we wanted to work — figuring that if we built it, others would join us.

Community is powerful.

By coming together in a shared workspace, where women of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, encouraged, and supported, The SHED is helping local women to innovate — changing the ways we work, grow, and ultimately succeed.